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Tips for Planning a Sandstone Fence

“These are the things I look for every time I approach a new property to design a sandstone fence:

  • How far the house is set back from the boundary.
  • Framing the house by getting the driveway and boundary pillars to be in line with corners and lines.
  • The features of the building behind the sandstone fence; we want to design a fence that complements the building.”
Rosemary White, CastStone

Look around you

If you're not sure what you want, look around your neighbourhood and see what appeals to you.

Have a look through our Fence Gallery which showcases many different fences.


  • Heritage?
  • Value?
  • Security?
  • Privacy?

Prioritising your needs can help you choose features like height and infill and decide if you need automated gates and intercoms.


Some of your infill options are tubular steel, aluminum fencing, cast aluminum, corten steel, wooden or aluminum slats, brush, a solid plastered wall or lace panels.

Our infill page shows examples of all these types of infill.


How high do you want the pillars?

A high wall can screen your house from the street completely or it can frame your house and garden. Your local council may have rules about fence heights and infill.

CastStone can tailor make contemporary and traditional pillars in many widths and heights. The height of the fence also needs to complement the home. For example, for a big house and frontage use big pillars. For a small house use smaller pillars.


Do you need a garden gate or a driveway gate or both?
Are you looking at putting in a sliding or swing gate on the driveway? Our gates and automation page will show you some of the options we think have been successful.


Fences can be great security. To add to your safety you can consider automatic gates and intercoms to screen visitors. Check our Automation page for details.

Your land

  • How long will your fence be?
  • What is the width of your driveway?
  • Is there a slope across the property?

If you have a small slope over the property do you envisage the fence being level or the tops of the pillars stepping down across the slope?

Where are your meters?

Meters in the way of your new fence may need to be shifted.

Do you need to get power to the front of the property for automation and intercoms? It is much better to do this in the planning stage than after the new paving has gone down.

Check your utilities

Damaging a telecommunications line, a water or gas pipe or an electrical cable would be a disaster. Calling Dial-before-you-dig is essential.

Email info@CastStone.com.au or call us for advice on planning your fence