Our most versatile sandstone concrete pillars, the Medium range, (earlier called the P Series), will suit most properties. Mix and match capitals, shafts and bases to produce a fence just for you. There are many styles to choose from to create a fence that is perfect for your property.

Download a PDF of the CastStone Precast Concrete Sandstone Medium Pillar Range

  • Versatile – adaptable and will suit large and small properties
  • 144 combinations - choose from 3 different base styles, 8 different shaft styles and 6 different capitals
  • Durable - made of precast sandstone concrete
  • Colour match - CastStone Sandstone Piers can be left to naturally age, or can be painted the same colour as your property
  • Works with many fencing infill styles -  including solid walls, tubular steel, cast aluminium, brush or timber/aluminium slats

The Medium Series pillar heights range from 1.3m to 2.5m. It is your choice of base, shaft and capital which determines the height of your fence.