Pillar Design Catalogue
The Compact Range (formerly 230) is the narrowest of our traditional pillars and is often used for heritage fencing. Although modeled on classical lines and ideal for heritage homes, these pillars have also been used with contemporary buildings.

  • Small footprint - work well in limited spaces
  • Often used in urban infill developments – provide structure to the property without taking up precious space.
  • Variable heights - can be varied in height by changing the length of the shaft (mid-section) or the base. The capital section is a fixed height.
  • Durable - made of precast sandstone concrete
  • Colour match - can be left to naturally age, or can be painted the same colour as your property
  • Works with many fencing infill styles - including solid walls, tubular steel, cast aluminium, brush or timber/aluminium slats

Measurement Range: 1.24m to 1.8m in height