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People often ask use these questions. We are always here on the phone or available via email if you need to ask us anything else.

What is precast sandstone concrete made of?

Our precast sandstone products are made of a durable and long-lasting mix of sand and a conglomerate of cement with a formula unique to CastStone. It is hand pressed in a natural sandstone colour that can be left to age naturally, and sealed, or painted to match your property.

Can I customise my concrete fence pillars?

Yes, you can customise a precast concrete pillar. A pillar has three sections – the base, shaft and capital . There are many pieces of each to choose from and the result can be a concrete pillar tailored to your design needs. If you need a pillar design that we do not have a mould for, we can also create an entirely new mould to your specification. CastStone has been in business for over 34 years so we have a large range of older moulds that can be used to match existing structures.

Do you design fences for small properties?

Yes, we design concrete pillar fences for small and large properties. Smaller homes need lower or slimmer profile pillars to complement the home.

Do you design fences for large acreage?

Yes we have done many large acreage and commercial properties. Our larger range of pillars have a wider base and they come in varying heights. Have a look at our blog on Tintara Winery and some of our commercial developments.

Do I need council approval for my fence?

Any masonry product over one metre needs council approval, which can take between two weeks to eight weeks generally. We can take care of the planning and approval process on your behalf.

What pillar colours are available?

The raw sandstone colour is a beige-stone colour which you can leave to age naturally. Over time the product takes on the elements of its environment and blends in beautifully. However, you can seal the pillars for added protection and to prevent aging and efflorescence.

Can I paint the concrete fence pillars?

Yes the product can be painted. We use exterior acrylic paint so you can choose any colour to colour-match your home.

Can precast concrete be clear sealed?

Yes. Clear sealing prevents discolouration and efflorescence.

How do I maintain my concrete pillar fence?

Just like concrete, a good hose down for inside the crevices will often be enough to give them a clean. For painted pillars, the advantage is that they can be painted if and when needed and will look like new again.

Do I need concrete foundations under the precast concrete pillars?

Yes. The same type of footing is required as if you were building a brick or block fence.

Are the pillars structural?

The pillars are structural after they have been core filled and built upon a strong foundation/footing.

What about wiring with electrical cables?

We can put electrical conduits up the middle of the pillar prior to core filling for lights, intercoms, automation and security systems.

Can I add automation to my fence?

Yes. You can add automation for garden gates, sliding or swinging driveway gates . The only limitation would be whether you can get power to that section of your property.

How long does an installation take?

Installation of your concrete pillar fence usually takes between 1-2 days. Most of the time is taken up with planning and council approval which takes several weeks.

Do we have a Builders License?

Yes, CastStone does, our builders license number is: BLD185034.

How easy is it to order and install if I’m interstate?

It is as easy as a phone call. We design many concrete pillar fences for clients interstate and freight Australia-wide to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Tasmania, Perth and regional areas of Australia. We deliver directly to your home and provide all the information needed for local tradespeople or the DIY’er to complete the installation.

Is there any way to contact you?

Yes! Call us on (08)8244 4888 or visit our showroom at 950 Port Road, Albert Park, SA. Email: info@CastStone.com.au